Fish Food

  • These flakes are floating and are suitable for all fish types.
  • These are freeze dried to lock in the important nutrients and minerals. The larger freeze dried food is suitable food for large carnivorous fish as well as reptiles such as turtles, bearded dragons, and lizards.
  • Slow sinking granules are a well-balanced diet formulated to enhance and maintain the natural colours of your aquarium fish. These are ideal for fish that feed in the middle and bottom of the tank.
  • JBL
  • These starter cultures are a great source of vitamin A and vitamin D for aquarium fish. Easy to set up and have an endless supply for years to come.
  • A variety of floating pellets which are suitable for all fish. These come in a range of different sizes to cater for small to large fish.
  • These are a multi purpose fish food suitable for all fish. They are specifically designed to stick to the side of the tank for fish to nibble on and also sink for the bottom dwelling fish.

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